Holiday Sale Review for Artists

December 28, 2018
Holiday Sale Review for artists, by Patricia Vargas - online art business mentor.

It’s finally over. The big holiday rush that leaves us exhausted, but hopefully in a good way. Customer emails to answer, orders to package, dealing with the post office, etc. It all feels like a giant blur by the end of it, am I right?

So tell me, did you have a sale this year? Was it your first?

Whether it was your first time selling during the holidays or if you’re a seasoned pro, I’m going to share with you something that I personally find incredibly helpful.

At the end of each season, I like to do a holiday sales review. Now, if you have a team you can definitely bring them in on the session, or if you’re flying solo then that’s cool too.

The goal here is to analyze what worked and what didn’t, so you can avoid making those same mistakes again. 

The Holiday Sale Review

Here are some things to ask yourself (and your team!):

  • What type of promotion did you do and for how long did you run the promotion? Make sure to also include the dates.
  • How well did your promotion perform? Write down specific numbers! Total sales, etc.
  • What was your main marketing strategy and what would you have done differently? Get specific! If you sent out emails, how many and at what times, etc
  • If you used social media for your marketing, which platform resulted in the most sales? (I.e Instagram over Facebook, etc)
  • Did you do any art fairs or in-person selling/marketing? How well did that do vs your online sales?
  • Did you offer any special holiday items? If so, how well did they sale?
  • What holiday products did not do as well and you can toss them out next year?
  • What processes took up too much of your time and totally stressed you out? Is there a way to streamline them?

Lots of good questions here and a few more are included in the free download worksheet!

Keep this worksheet with you for the length of your business. It’s incredibly valuable info that can easily be forgotten over the years.

Most importantly, everyone’s audience is 100% unique which means that what works for me might not work for you.

Holiday Sale Review for artists, by Patricia Vargas - online art business mentor.

I’ve done these sales many different ways, and this year I compiled all of my knowledge from previous sales and was able to develop a strategy that resulted in my best holiday sale yet! And it’s one that I will definitely be repeating with a few minor tweaks.

Take some time right now to download the worksheet and review your holiday sale. Free PV members you will find it in the resource section.

How well did your art sell this holiday season. Holiday Sale Review for artists with free worksheet by Patricia Vargas - online art business mentor.

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