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Should you watermark your art images?

September 21, 2018
Should you watermark your art images. Patricia Vargas art business mentor, how to sell your art online

When I was first starting out I battled with the question “should I watermark my art images?”. I was so scared that someone would steal my images, find a way to make prints out of them, and become famous off of my work. Ok, I know that that sounds a little paranoid, but it was a legit thought! I’m sure you’ve thought of something similar, no? If you have…

Photoshop Tutorials

How to add a pattern to text in Photoshop

July 2, 2018

This week’s post is a fun one! I am showing you how you can quickly and easily add a pattern to text in Photoshop. Use this technique for creating cool graphics for your social media accounts or printed marketing materials. As a quick reminder, if your creating images for the web they should be set to 72dpi (dots per inch), and if it’s for print it should be…


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